Police Investigate Chester Park Burglaries

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Youlanda Shaw is packing up her belongings and preparing to move. She has lived in her Chester Park apartment with her two sons for seven years. She said she no longer feels safe here after her home was burglarized last week. “They took my sons xbox 360 their wireless controllers, we were saving to go to Disney world this summer and they took the extra spending money, some jewelry and my sons laptop.” According to police Shaw is not alone. There has been eight break-ins at the complex in just more than two weeks, leaving residents like Shaw afraid. “I haven’t been able to sleep, I mean you worry when you leave your apartment but you worry when you stay here.” Another East Chester apartment was broken into Tuesday morning, according to Police. “Well i feel like its not being dealt with,” said Lovie Vush. Vush is victim number 9. On Tuesday morning, police said two big screen TV’s were stolen from her place, in broad daylight. “Nobody is seeing the product leaving? It’s right across from the managements office and nobody seen anything.” Police said as for now they do not have any suspects, but Vush said she hopes that changes soon. “Material things can be replaced but when you work hard for something and it’s taken away that’s a problem.” Police said to avoid becoming victim number 10, besides keeping your doors and windows locked, they are asking neighbors to keep an eye out for each other. If you see anything unusual, contact police or crimestoppers immediately.

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