State of JMC Schools Discussed

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A State of the Jackson-Madison County School District meeting was held in an effort to hear concerns and suggestions from parent in the northern part of Jackson and Madison County. However, the meeting was cut short, when not one single parent showed up for Tuesday night’s meeting, where parents could talk with the heads of several departments within the school system, including finance, school operations and transportation. Doctor Zambito said she is not upset and believes she knows why the turnout numbers lacked a presence. “When I had these in the past they have been pretty well attended, I think this maybe a cause of the fact I’m not going to be here next year and they may be thinking I think I’ll wait and come to a meeting with the new superintendent which would make sense,” said Doctor Nancy Zambito, Superintendent of Jackson-Madison County Schools. Doctor Zambito has conducted these types of forums in the last five years. Most recently another meeting had been held for parents with children in the southern part of Jackson and Madison County, where three parents showed up for the event.

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