Campus Crime Down at College Campuses

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The most current crime statistics are from 2010 and they show, although crime is down, violent crime on Tennessee campuses has gone up dramatically. “On a weekly or monthly basis you see crime happening in public schools, private schools in universities and I think it’s just a relevant topic,” said Jackson State, Human Resource director, Amy West. Crime, it’s a topic that keeps West busy at Jackson State. She said in the past year, with 54 hundred students they have only had four assaults.”Those 4, those numbers have faces to them, they were very real situations and we need everybody to feel safe and secure.” Overall the crime rate on Tennessee college campuses fell by more than four and a half percent in 2010. However violent crimes skyrocketed by nearly 20 percent. The statistics do not surprise sophomore Barrie Bakpa.”I mean anything can happen anywhere it’s just things tend to happen and it’s impossible to rule out things happening on this campus.” According to the TBI, of schools in Madison County, Lane College has the highest number of assaults with 36, Union University had the most theft incidents with 19 and Lambuth ranked just below them with 17 reports of theft. “You never know what can happen,” said Lane Student LaRresha Riley. Jackson State freshmen, Macy Vue agreed with Riley and said for her, everyday on campus is a safety concern.”Maybe sometimes at night I don’t get out till 11:35 (p.m.) and there is only 10 cars left in the parking lot. I just rush to the car sometimes.” Jackson State said even with two thefts and one incident of vandalism, they are still working hard as ever to improve.

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