Henderson County Storm Damage

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One of Monday’s storms’ hardest hit West Tennessee areas was in Lexington and Henderson County. One of the worst sights is a camper which was picked up by the straight line winds and thrown into the side of the owner’s house and tree, completely destroying it. Other people in the county became the victims of uprooted and snapped trees falling on their homes. Residents that witnessed the severe storm say it went away just as quickly as it began. “I got in the shower, I thought it was all over and done and then started hearing more and more and I finally decided to get out of the shower…might be a smart idea. Lightning started getting a little bit worse then it was pretty much over,” said resident Rob Creasy. Henderson County Sheriff officials tell us residents in the eastern part of the county remain without power on Monday night. Fortunately, there have been no reports of injuries in that area.

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