McWherter Dies At 80

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The state of Tennessee says goodbye to one of its most beloved leaders. Monday afternoon, former Governor, Ned McWherter, passed away at a Nashville hospital while being treated for cancer. His loss can be felt around the world, but especially in his hometown of Dresden. Candy McAdams, a friend, said, “We weren’t expecting it. Ned has always come through before, he’s always come through. It’s hard for us to believe that he didn’t beat it this time and that he won’t be back.” To many he is known as a two-term governor for the state of Tennessee, but to a select few, like Tommy Moore, he is known best as a neighbor. And to him, that means more than just a person that lives next door. Moore, adds, “I think he had a gift that few people had.” Moore says McWherter truly was a self-made man. He went from a factory worker, to a millionaire, to the only sitting speaker of the House of Representatives to be elected governor. But to his friends, what actually defines him is what he has done out of office, like build a library next to his house in 1997. Moore, says, “I think it says a lot about a person who wants his legacy, not to be that he was wealthy, not to be that he was the governor, but to be that he was built a library for the kids to be involved in.” And it is there that McAdams remembers the man with a larger than life personality; a man who loved an old, beat up hat of his. McAdams, adds, “He kept coming over and wanting to get it from under the glass case at the library and wear it. It’s moth-eaten and has holes in it. Nobody wanted him to get it out and wear it, but you don’t dispute the governor.” That is one memory out of hundreds, they say, of a neighbor that always left the light on for every last trick-or-treater. He will be missed, but always remembered, as the seat he leaves empty in the community, will never be filled. McWherter was 80 when he died. He leaves behind two children and several grandchildren.

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