Many in Decatur Co. Without Power

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Hundreds of West Tennesseans are still without power, two days after high winds swept through the area. In Decatur County, a facility where the elderly and disabled live, was without electricity for 48 hours. That meant no heat or power for things like oxygen tanks for the residents. Lexington Electric is their service provider and what is in question is who exactly gets top priority when you have thousands of power outages at one time. Robert Sutton said “goodbye sleeping bag “and “hello bed” for the first time since Monday, all because a storm blew through and took the power at Gunn Garden Apartments, with it. Sutton, added, “I had to sleep on the floor over in this other apartment. I’ve got only one leg, so it is kind of hard for me to get up and down anyway.” Since the temperatures have been in the 30s at night, some residents had to be shuffled into other apartments, and for Billie Clark, apartment managers actually had to run an electrical cord from another building to hers, just so she could use her oxygen tank. Clark, added, “No m’am, I haven’t been able to take a bath.” No baths, and no way to keep their food from spoiling, which is a problem because most people at the facility are on food stamps and fixed incomes. Meanwhile, workers say dozens of calls to Lexington Electric went unanswered until 48 hours later. Clark, said, “I was jumping and hollering, throwing my hands in the air, me and the lady across the hall.” Officials at Lexington Electric would not go on camera, but did tell us they had more than 10,000 outages system-wide because of the storm. And while they say said the apartment complex is a priority, we found out after the main lines were fixed, power in other areas was restored, like the Perryville Marina, before it was restored at the facility. Fran Perry, a manager at Gunn Garden Apartments, said, “In a time where some people can be so unconcerned, there’s others that just reach forth with a outstretched hand and come to your aid. The Red Cross came by to give the residents a hot meal. Thankful, residents, said, would be an understatement. Lexington Electric officials tell us they have crews from Carroll County helping them, and as of Wednesday afternoon, they still had 500 to 700 customers without power.

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