Henry County Hoarder Arrested

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Hidden behind some overgrown weeds is a house that one woman and 31 dogs called home. “The original call came in from some neighbors and actually had just a horrible smell coming from the proximity,” said Henry County Sheriff Monte Belew. Investigators said the strong odor and seeing the unlivable conditions, prompted them to search the inside of Cheryl Kidd’s home. “Ms. Kidd at first was somewhat cooperative, at first, then she did refusal of the consent of her search of the premises of her house any further,” said Sheriff Belew. After getting a search warrant, investigators said with no electricity or running water in the home and a quick glimpse of the inside of the home, they had more than enough reason to arrest Kidd. “The conditions were absolutely horrible as far as the dogs inside of the house. Feces all over the floor and 31 dogs living inside a barn in a residence,” explained Sheriff Belew. All four volunteers with the Henry County Humane Society rushed to help investigators save the neglected animals. “The main thing was the feces which was fairly deep with feces and urine and trash and the dogs had no clean bed to lay in,” said volunteer Carol Douglas. Douglas and other volunteers said they worked through the night to get the dogs out of Kidd’s home. Three dogs are pregnant, several are missing eyes and their hair is severely matted and covered in feces. “Whether if it was for sale I’m not sure just my personal opinion it did feel like a hoarding situation for sure because there were so many,” said Douglas.

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