Bodine to Clean, Train Instead of Furloughs

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Toyota Motor Company announced, Friday, it will temporarily suspend production at its North American plants for several days this month. That will have a direct effect on workers at Bodine Aluminum in Jackson. The company, which manufacturers aluminum parts for Toyota products, employs dozens of workers. However, none of them will be furloughed because of the work slow down. Instead company leaders plan to use their four-days this month of non-production to do other worker and conduct training. “Work will be available to team members,” said Jason Bates, Bodine’s Administration Manager. “We will be able to do training, do deep cleaning on our equipment and a lot of process improvement activities to make our process more efficient.” Bates added that employees will also have the option to take personal days off during those days, as well. Toyota’s decision to temporarily suspend production comes as a result of parts shortages caused by the earthquake that hit Japan last month.

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