McWherter Funeral in Dresden

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Family and friends of former governor of Tennessee Ned McWherter gathered for a public memorial services at his home in Dresden today. A service was held yesterday in Nashville for the former governor. Friends of McWherter say it’s just the way he would have wanted. “He was always looking out for the people, what he always called the working poor and those people he wanted to help out… those that couldn’t help themselves,” says Jimmy Naifeh, Speaker Emeritus, District 81. Others in attendance say McWherter never forgot he was the son of a sharecropper. They say he was able to connect with everyone and this is one of the main attributes that led to his success. “He never met a stranger…he was always full of encouragement…. he wanted people to succeed, he worked with people, he didn’t care about what their background was…he wanted them to succeed… he took time out of his schedule for anybody… if they succeeded he felt like he had succeeded and that’s a great recipe for success,” says Sen. Lowe Finney, Tennessee District 27. Sen. Finney says even though McWherter was an advisor to presidents, he was still a close friend to sharecroppers and the people in rural communities. “He demonstrated for all Tennesseans what it means to do public service and to love your neighbor as yourself, that’s who he was as a person, that’s who he was as a public servant,” says Sen. Roy Herron, Tennessee District 24. McWherter’s personal physician says he’s treat many dignitaries and pop stars through out his career. He says they all enter through the back entrance when they come for office visits. He says McWherter was different. He always entered through the front door. He would not miss the opportunity to have a conversation with people in the lobby. He says McWherter always remembered the details of his last conversation with them and would asked to be updated on what was going on in their lives. “Very folksy, kind of quiet, good sense and he did relate to everybody, he had a way to getting to the bottom line,” says Congressman Steve Cohen, U.S. Representative for Tennessee’s 9th congressional district.

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