Shiloh Reenactment

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With the treat of a government shutdown Friday, Shiloh National Military Park officials admit they did not know how it would affect their turnout. “We didn’t know what was going to happen until the last minute and really didn’t have a good answer for the people who were calling…they watched the news and learned the government would go on today and I think the turnout represents that,” says Superintendent Woody Harrell of Shiloh National Military Park. Historians say the national military site is a stark reminder of the cost of the war in which more than 23,000 men were affected. They say it was the worst war in U.S. History at the time. Some of the attendees say they would have found a way to pay homage to the battle had the government shutdown closed the park. “Well we were going to come out and camp anyway so it didn’t have any affect on us,” says Stephen Parker, an attendee of the commemoration. Superintendent Harrell says the weather is usually a bigger factor on the attendance of the event. He says the anniversary is by far the heaviest attended function of the year. In addition to living history demonstrations, actors shot a movie on the battle which will be shown at the visitor’s center and on history channels. Enthusiasts say the movie currently used at the visitor’s center was shot in the 50s. Commemoration of the event continues through the weekend.

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