City of Henry Reacts to Chief’s Crash

This video is no longer available.

Tim Bratton towed away the car that belonged to his childhood friend, Henry Police Chief Mark Herndon. Bratton said he was one of the first to arrive at the scene of the crash at the intersection of Highways 79 and 218. “I didn’t receive a call, I rode up on the scene as the accident was happening.” Bratton said he is not exactly sure what caused the crash but knows what happen immediately afterward. He said he saw a 20,000 pound log truck on top of the chief’s SUV. “Mark was still alive in the truck, you could tell he was conscious to an extent, the injuries were bad.” As Chief Herndon was covered in blood, leaning to his left, Bratton said he began stabilizing the log truck to keep it from hurting his friend even more. “When rescue units arrived with the jaws of life to extradite Mark I was just there to hold the log truck to help from crushing him as they cut the vehicle apart.” With the memory of Chief Herndon’s crash in his shop, Bratton is begging Henry Countians to come together.

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