Looking For Tree Damage

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It’s cleanup day for many West Tennessee residents. Monday’s storms brought wind gusts over 65 mph. “There’s kind of a cut off point around 65 to 75 miles an hour – when the wind gets over that speed, we start seeing a lot more tree damage,” said Sam Bryant, arborist and owner of Bryant Tree, Inc. But Bryant says that much of that damage can be prevented just by being aware of changes in trees near your home or property. “If you see fungal contamination coming out of the tree, that’s a big sign something’s wrong,” said Bryant. “I see that on a lot of homes that have had new construction done around them, where they have bulldozer damage to the tree, like where the roots have been torn up. You can’t see it above ground, but those fungal conts are a big indicator that something’s wrong.” Bryant said split bark and dead limbs are also signs of trouble – trouble that could have started with last year’s May floods. “Last year we had a combination of flooding early in the year, and then we had a drought for about two months during the summer, so the trees were pretty stressed,” said Bryant. “Drought stress can show up 2-3 years after a tree gets damaged.” While it’s not necessary to have your trees evaluated every year, Bryant says that a checkup every 2-3 years can save you a lot of money. “It makes a tremendous difference when you have your trees trimmed when a storm comes through,” said Bryant. “Because instead of that 80 mile per hour wind taking down that big oak tree in your front yard, you’ve still got it left. And you don’t have to worry about all the hassle of getting insurance claims and all that kind of stuff.” Tree evaluations typically run between $50-$100, depending on location. Bryant also stressed hiring a tree company with workers’ compensation and liability insurances. Without them, homeowners could be responsible for any injury occurring on their properties.

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