Presson Trial Testimony Begins

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“The state will show the Mike Presson the defendant, a pedophile of two victims,” said Rolf Hazelhurst in his opening statement. He speaks for Presson’s two alleged victims, one only 10 at the time she said Presson began playing his game. “He chose her as his prey, he spent time, money effort cultivating a relationship,” said Hazelhurst. Mike Presson was indicted on 44 counts from incidents stemming from 2007. The girls now 14 and 15 testified on Tuesday. The 14 year old said Presson bathed her after undressing her and while washing her with a bath cloth, he slipped his finger inside her genitals. She said it happened every time she spent the night. “We’ve either got a lie right here in the 29th of July or we’ve got a lie right here today,” said Pressons attorney, Joe Byrd Junior. He said the victims testimony continues to change. The 14-year-old girl testified she was confused by the questions first asked by deputies when she came forward at 12 years old. She also said Presson introduced her to porn and vibrators. The girl alleges Presson forced her to wear a hand made tee shirt and barely anything else to bed. “We did find a white creamed colored vibrator, we did find a white shirt that had cut off tee from the bottom, Playboy magazines and 3 razors,” said Lieutenant Felicia Stacy of the Madison County Sheriff’s Department. Razors, the girl said, Presson used to shave her legs and genitalia. “Mike Presson has never touched this child in an inappropriate way ever,” shouted Joe Byrd Jr. The decision is in the hands of an all female jury.

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