Gibson County Damage

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Milan is one of the hardest hit areas in Gibson County, with at least one reported injury, according to EMA Director, Rickey Graves. As of Wednesday morning, Graves, says, the damages are all caused by straight line winds with possible down bursts. He is not ruling out the possibility of a tornado because further assessments still need to be made. Kalan Schwerzler, a Milan resident, adds, “There are trees where houses used to be. 200-year-old trees were picked up like swizzle sticks and just put down 30 feet from where they were.” It looks as if Milan just lost a battle with mother nature Wednesday morning. Smoke still lingers from blown transformers, and some houses are almost completely swallowed up by fallen trees. Jon Jones, with Milan Public Utility, says, “It’s devastating. We’ve been hit pretty bad.” Straight line winds going 70 to 80 miles per hour are to blame, forcing half of the county in the dark, and nearly all of Milan at one time. Jones, says, “The south side of town is on and sections of the east side is back on, but the rest of Milan is still out.” According to Graves, at first glance, about 25 to 30 structures look to have been damaged pretty badly. One person is reported injured, he says, when a tree either fell on a man’s car or he ran into a tree while driving on Highway 104 between Trenton and Milan. Schwerzler, adds, “My kitchen is flooded and my shingles are like icing punched up on a cake.” Now, this battle will continue for days, says the Milan utility company, as they work to restore everyone’s power, and clear brush away from houses that literally look like they have been swallowed up and spit out. Graves says he will be out assessing damage starting at eight Wednesday morning, and hopes to make a final assessment of the damages by the end of the day.

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