Walden Brothers Help Propel South Gibson Hornets

After Friday night’s win over the TCA Lions, the South Gibson Hornets moved to 4-0 on the season. Carlos and Quincy Walden have been a key part of their success. The one-two punch in the backfield have a special connection. One that shows on the field. “It’s a great feeling to have my brother behind me and just knowing that things I can’t do, he’ll be backing me up,” said Carlos Walden. “We love each other. It’s just a connection we have.” That connection was formed at a young age by hard practice and playing pick up games in the backyard. “We’ve just been practicing since freshman year,” said Quincy Walden. “Like playing backyard football we’ve been throwing to each other since then. That’s it.” The ability that they have on the field is the result of hard work and effort. “What’s great about them is they’re talented, but have great work ethic,” said South Gibson Coach Scott Stidham. “Everyday they show up in our weight room where they are all year. They play baseball and basketball as well but its their work ethic that stands out.” Work ethic and ability are great combinations. Then throw in the ability to know where each other is, then it’s perfect. “I talk to him before every play,” Carlos said. “You know what we need to do and what we need to accomplish. Without our team we wouldn’t be the brother to lead this team.” “I just depend on him when stuffs going wrong with me,” Quincy said. So far it’s paid off for the Waldens. A perfect 4-0 start to the season and both have the same goal in mind. “Our goal is to make it to state,” Carlos said. “We know we’re not their yet, but were trying by working hard each day to be better each week and each game. Taking things one step at a time.”