Police: Man Waving Cap Gun Shot

This video is no longer available.

Authorities said a Whiteville man was shot after he waved a toy cap gun at his girlfriend’s stepfather during a heated argument between the couple. “People think toy guns are just toy guns. They are when they’re in the backyard with children,” said Whiteville Police Chief Steven Stanley. Police have identified the boyfriend as Ricky Joe Brown, 23, and the stepfather as Ben Poke Jr., 59. “We got a call from up the road from the sister and they were fighting in the background and when they made it right here up the road he was fighting her,” said a friend of the Poke family, Tiara Armour. Poke’s younger daughter, Tanisha Green, said she ran to get her father in an effort to calm the situation. “He (Poke) said don’t put your hands on my daughter,” said Green. Authorities said, injured, Brown fled the scene due to two outstanding warrants stemming from a violation of his parole. Authorities said Poke, a convicted felon, should not have been in possession of a firearm. Police said Poke is being held on an investigative hold pending the hospital release and interrogation of Brown. They said it is likely both men will be charged.

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