Occupy Jackson

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Heather Mummert is a Senior at UT Martin. She is also the leader of Occupy Jackson. “It’s not a militant type of movement. It’s just showing support for those fed up with what has been happening on Wall Street and big business,” said Mummert. She has gained the support of fellow UT Martin students and graduates. In fact, Mummert is counting on them to support her and the group in Jackson. “We are going to organize trips, have a day of support with protesters and also just get them whatever they need food, water, blankets and jackets,” said James Baker, a UT Martin graduate. “I want to see people who live everyday lives. People who can’t afford to stay the whole time but can lend there support for a day or and hour,” said Trenton Woodley, a UT Martin student. The first meeting for “Occupy Jackson” will be held Friday night at 7 at The Downtown Tavern in Jackson. Mummert hopes to occupy the area around the courthouse in Jackson next week. “If we have enough support for people to stay out overnight and continue to occupy, if not we can do it day in day out, morning to night whatever anyone can do,” she said.

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