Hardeman County Residents Hold Vigil For Injured Deputy

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BOLIVAR, Tenn. – Dozens of Bolivar residents attended a vigil for injured Deputy Wyman in Hardeman County, Friday night. The evening’s vigil for Deputy Dale Wyman began with songs of worship. Residents of Bolivar, city and county leaders and law enforcement officers gathered to pray for the injured deputy. “Law enforcement is a great big brotherhood, and I can tell you they’re are all worried about him,” said family friend and Whiteville Police Chief Steven Stanley. The five-year Hardeman County deputy was hurt in a car wreck last week, paralyzing him from the chest down. “Deputy Wyman is doing much better today. He’s been improving over the last two or three days, and today has been a really good day for him,” said Chief Stanley. Community members wore green and yellow ribbons, the colors of Deputy Wyman’s favorite football team, the Green Bay Packers. County Mayor Willie E. Spencer and Sheriff Doolen along with one local pastor spoke and encouraged residents and deputies to stay strong in their faith. “I was in a bad accident and all the people in the sheriff’s department and people in the county praying for me and people coming together praying for me and the good Lord coming together pulled me out of it and that’s what it’s going to take for him,” said concerned resident Keith Spencer. Residents of Hardeman County said with their faith and prayer, they will help Deputy Wyman and his family through it all.

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