Masked Suspect Steals from Business; Drops Most of Stolen Items

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MILAN, Tenn. – The search is on in Milan for a masked thief who broke into a local business and tried to steal hundreds of dollars in items. But what has police baffled is that the burglar got away with almost nothing. Milan police said the burglar was wearing a unique mask when he or she broke into Graves Rentals on North First Street. According to police, the burglar took a .22 caliber revolver, computer monitor, and other computer equipment, but left it all behind, except for the gun. “Maybe they were having either trouble carrying it all and dropped it, or possibly was spooked or startled in some way,” said Sgt. Dennis Mitchell with the Milan Police Department. And some residents told 7 Eyewitness News the mask alone spooked them. “To me, it seems like something off of an action movie, but I can’t recognize what kind of movie it would be,” said Milan resident Erica Jones. “I wouldn’t want to see it. It’s very creepy.” Police said this is an unusual case because the burglar did not get away with much. “It’s unusual, I guess, that you find so much of the stuff,” Sgt. Mitchell said. “Normally you go to a burglary and you leave with a few pictures and you never find the stuff, but we were able to recover part of his stuff.” Investigators said they also find it odd that the thief would attempt to break into this business. It is close to a major road, and the area is well lit. Police said the burglar could be celebrating Halloween early, but hope the trick is on the thief when he or she is arrested. If you recognize the mask, or have any information about the break-in, contact the Milan Police Department at (731) 686-3309.

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