Rain Brings Flooding to Parts of Northwest Tennessee

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SOUTH FULTON, Tenn- With a chance of more rain this week in Obion County, some residents are concerned. Business owner, Wanda Robinson, said the threat of flooding is all too familiar. “It hurts when you’re down for a couple of days,” she said. And that was exactly what happened to her and other businesses in a South Fulton shopping center in June, after nearby creeks overflowed. Now with the possibility of more rain through the rest of the week, Robinson said she can not help but fear history repeating itself. “We had customer stuck inside until they decided to swim themselves out,” said Robinson. According to Obion County’s EMA Director, Danny Jowers, South Fulton was under a flood watch for most of the day, Tuesday. He recommended people stay inside to avoid getting stranded, or worse. Many frustrated by the lack of barriers between the rising creeks and them, said something needs to be done. “It seems like something should be done about it,” said Guana Bynum, a South Fulton resident. Jowers said the businesses and homes in or near the South Fulton Shopping Center are in low-lying areas that are susceptible to flooding. Still residents are hoping they are not hit as hard as they were in June. “All we can do is expect the worst and pray for the best,” said Zach Bynum, a South Fulton resident. Forecasters are predicting four to six inches of rain in South Fulton, this week.

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