HIgh School Coaches Ready Fields for First Games

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JACKSON, Tenn.–Football coaches spend hours on the field preparing players and getting the gridiron ready for Friday night games. “We have to fertilize, water, of course cut, mow, mow, mow and mow,” said Jason McCauley, a linebacker and secondary coach at North Side High School. McCauley started preparing the field in May. He put in more than 100 hours this summer working on the gridiron. “If I were a very good field guy we’d mow it everyday, but I try to mow it every other day,” McCauley said. All the rain this summer made the grass grow. At South Side High School that saved the coach some time. “We do have an underground irrigation system here which helps, and I think I only used that three or four times this year because we’ve had so much rain,” said Jason Driggers, Head Football Coach at South Side High School. McCauley did not get to mow as much as he wanted. “We missed a couple, 3 days, and it was like trying to mow a forest down,” McCauley said. On game day, North Side coaches paint lines on the field. McCauley said the process can take up to 10 hours. “For us it’s a lot about pride and wanting the kids to have the best playing surface that they possibly can,” McCauley said. Coaches want the grass to look its best when teams take the field. “I want the kids to play on the best that you can play on,” Driggers said.

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