Guns, Drugs, and Arrests in Secret Sting Operation Checkmate Two

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JACKSON, Tenn. – Jackson City Court was bustling Thursday morning after Operation Checkmate 2 landed 34 people behind bars. Captain Tyreece Miller said the success of these missions depends on community and law enforcement cohesion. “We want them to know we’re in this together. We’re your friend, we want to help, we’re in this together and its all about community,” he said. The secret sting advanced the efforts of Operation Checkmate One. Officers said by focusing on community outreach, patrolling accident prone areas and placing officers in schools to interact with children. “Children tend to associate officers with a bad incident. So doing those walk through the schools we want that to turn into a positive interaction,” Miller said. The 12 hour saturation saw four guns seized along with marijuana, cocaine, hydrocodone and a meth lab in a back pack. To complete the mission an extra 90 officers were called in. Jackson resident Marsha Sanders said she was thankful her law enforcement are taking a stand against crime. “It was not excessive. They should do it more often and maybe it’ll prevent a whole lot of crime. Things that shouldn’t be going on,” she said. Officers said the proactive mission to prevent crime was not just a positive step for the community but for the department as a whole. “We’re seeing a huge renewed energy for the officers to want to get out and make a difference,” Deputy Chief Barry Michael said. Jackson Police said this effort to engage and interact with the people of Jackson is far from over. “Just like chess, we cant tell you the moves we’re gonna make until we see what moves on the streets are being made,” Captain Miller said. During the saturation sex offender compliance checks were also conducted. 25 of 28 offenders were checked, with one was not in compliance. 155 traffic citations were also handed out in the mission.

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