Animal Cruelty Suspect Refuses Extradition

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METROPOLIS, IL.- A woman charged with animal cruelty who has been on the run since July has refused to sign a waiver of extradition. Cheryl Kidd, who is facing multiple animal cruelty charges, was found in Illinois, but is refusing to sign the waiver that will return her to Henry County to face her charges. Kidd is also facing a failure to appear charge stemming from her no-show for her trial in July. Kidd was found and arrested at Harrah’s Casino in Metropolis, IL on September 4. She was to stand trial in Henry County on July 17, but did not show up to her court date. She instead sent a fax that said she knew she had missed her court date and hope that everyone would forgive her. Officers said the 42 animals rescued from Kidd’s home were living in pens with no food, water and among other dead dogs. Officers said Kidd was arrested for a similar offense back in 2011.

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