Man Accused of Murder Pleads Guilty to Lesser Charge, Avoids Trial

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HENRY COUNTY, Tenn. — A man set to go to trial to face a murder charge accepted a plea deal that would lessen his time in jail, Thursday. According to Sheriff Monte Belew, Jiles Yarbrough was set to go to trial for first degree murder for the 2012 night club shooting at Fahrenheit 101 in Paris, but entered a plea deal instead. Yarbrough pleaded guilty to the charge of aggravated assault with gang enhancement. For that charge, he was sentenced to 12 years. Yarbrough will not serve those 12 years until 2019 when he is done with his sentence on a previous charge of probation violation. Tevin Lumpkin, the man he was allegedly with at the time of the shooting, was convicted of first-degree murder on Nov. 22.

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