Educator of the Week: Lovelady

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NORTH JACKSON — Essie Lovelady is a business teacher at North Side High School in Jackson. She has been working there for 15 years and has devoted her life to serving the valued youth of the Jackson community. “I enjoy working with young people. That’s my favorite part. I’m here serving teenagers in the hopes to inspire them in their future goals.” Lovelady says. Lovelady is an educator with more than 40 years of experience with 27 of them spent at Lane College. She is also a grad of Lane and worked there as an educator within the administrative department. Upon leaving, she decided to dive into the public school system, hoping to continue her strides in making a difference for the youth. She attributes this move to some of her longtime mentors of her earlier years in elementary school. “My 1st and 2nd grade teachers were just a real part of my life. I thought that I would like to be like them and so here I am.” Lovelady says. Lovelady says she’s encountered many challenges while teaching. She says her biggest challenge is trying to get students motivated in and out of the classroom. “…Motivation is key when they come into my classroom for the first time. I try to instill that in the curriculum and myself to make sure I am motivating them enough to want to learn.” Lovelady says. Lovelady hopes motivating her students through such organizations as Links or Sigma Gamma Roe, will persuade them to go above and beyond in reaching their goals. Links is an international organization which enhances and promotes the success of youth especially those who want to further their education. The Links Incorporated program offers scholarships to those youth who contribute and make a difference as a return within the program. “I persuade all seniors to make good decision. To get to college and not let partying be the major part of their lives. Once they’re making good sound decisions they will be ready for the future.” Lovelady says. Lovelady says she hope to continue to help out and be a valued longtime advocate for youth in the Jackson community.

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