SWHRA Head Start Pre-Registration in McNairy County

SWHRA Head Start to Hold Pre-Registration: What children are expected to know and do upon entering kindergarten is much more than what it used to be. Not only do they have to their know colors, shapes, and numbers, there are many other skills that must be mastered socially, emotionally, and physically. So I ask you… Is your child ready to go to kindergarten? Let us help you and your family be sure that your child is indeed ready for school! The Southwest Human Resource Agency‘s Head Start program is a free pre-school program for children of families that qualify based on income, disabilities, and family circumstances. Head Start is a comprehensive program that focuses on all areas of a child‘s development- including medical and dental services, nutritional services, family services, and educational experiences for the entire family. Head Start does not provide transportation. Head Start in McNairy County will be conducting a pre-registration for 3 and 4 year old children to attend classes beginning in the fall of 2015 on Tuesday, January 22th, Wednesday, January 21st, and Thursday, January 22nd, from 8:30 am- 5:00 pm at the following Head Start locations: 705 Industrial Park in Selmer (Amy at 645-8953), 4186 Hwy 57 West in Ramer (Angie at 646-0169), and 305 Hughes Street in Adamsville (Sharla at 632-5116). Every child deserves a HEAD START in life… please consider giving your pre-school aged child one by contacting a Family Case Manager at the above locations in order to schedule an appointment to complete an application for enrollment. You may also contact Carrie Buck, Asst. Director for Family and Community Partnerships, or Mayriene Moten, Family Service Specialist, at 731-989-5111 for more information.

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