St. Louis Zoo welcomes 850-pound bear _ via FedEx

ST. LOUIS (AP) – Sometimes, shipping an 850-pound beast can be a real bear.

The St. Louis Zoo says it has welcomed an orphaned-as-a-cub, 2-year-old male polar bear named Kali – pronounced CUHL’-lee – donated and transported by FedEx ahead of his scheduled June 6 debut at the zoo’s new Polar Bear Point exhibit.

The zoo says Kali is resting comfortably and for the next month or so will be in quarantine, which is standard.

Kali spent the past two years at the Buffalo zoo after he was orphaned in Alaska when a hunter unknowingly killed his mother, unaware she had a cub.

Kali’s trip to St. Louis included being flown by FedEx from New York to Memphis, Tennessee, before he was loaded into a temperature-controlled truck that completed the trek to Missouri.