Child suffers severed arm at Jackson laundromat

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JACKSON, Tenn. — A tragic accident at a Laundromat on Hollywood Drive leaves one small child without an arm. Jackson police said they responded around 5 p.m. Sunday to a call from Spitzer’s Laundromat. Jesse Hopson is a neighbor and says he was shocked to hear about the accident “I was out cutting the yard yesterday and I heard the ambulances and police,” Hopson said. “I figured someone had called 911. I just didn’t figure that a little boy had got his hand cut off in one of the washers.” Police say the boy’s arm was severed by a dryer in the accident. Coleman Elder owns Appliance Central in Jackson and has been working with appliances like washers and dryers his whole life. “They are moving really fast. They could break bones. I mean, it can really do a lot of things,” Elder said. “You always see people propping the door open with shoes and brooms from one end of the wall. Don’t do any of that because kids can get their hands in there.” Elder’s advice on protecting your family is to make sure your washer and dryers are properly installed. “Make sure they’re balanced, leveled out, make sure they’re properly vented, make sure you clean out your lint trap ’cause that can cause fires, make sure that you keep all chemicals away from where they can fall down whenever a washing machine shakes,” Elder said. Elder says to be even more careful at laundromats because the machines are twice as powerful as home appliances. He also advises to keep your bypass off on your dryer. “It’s like a light switch. When the door is shut, the light switch is on. When the door is open, the light is off,” Elder said. “If someone bypasses it, your light would be on all the time, so no matter if the door is open or shut, it’s going to keep running.” Police say they transported the victim to Jackson-Madison County General Hospital. There currently is no update on the child’s condition.

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