Hooked On Science: inseperable books

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Inseparable Books Experiment INGREDIENTS one space· 2 Books INSTRUCTIONS STEP 1: Overlap the pages of each book. STEP 2: Have one person grasp the spine of one of the books, while another person grasps the spine of the other book. STEP 3: Attempt to separate the books by pulling EXPLANATION No matter how hard you pull, the books will not separate. Friction is the resistance between two objects. By overlapping the pages of each book, you create a lot of friction between the pages, which makes it very difficult to separate the books. Go to www.hookedonscience.org for more experiments that might get you and your family “Hooked on Science.” HOMESCHOOL WEBSITES Did you know books have muscles? Jason Lindsey aka “Mr. Science” with Hooked on Science and a couple kid scientists show us the strength of two books. one space· Why will the books not separate? one space· Explain how pushes and pulls can have different strengths and directions.

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