New businesses coming to Jackson’s downtown

JACKSON, Tenn — Downtown Jackson will get a new look in 2016, as investors from Nashville plan to breathe new life to the Birmingham Building.

They have a restaurant and 20 hotel rooms planned .

And a building off Shannon Street is set to become the latest “Fleet Street Pub”.

The owners already have a location in Nashville.

“Investors from outside Jackson that are taking a look at our downtown, perhaps seeing it with a little bit fresher eye than maybe we can here, and so that’s very exciting,” Executive Director of Jackson Downtown Development Matt Altobell told WBBJ.

Exciting for local investors like Brad Greer, who’s involved with the Birmingham Building’s renovations.

“I think what we’re seeing happen in downtown Jackson should give people in Jackson hope, because downtown is about to take off,” Greer explained while standing in the Birmingham Building Sunday.

He said around $3 million will be spent to re-ignite the building, and hopefully Jackson’s downtown.

With millions of dollars of renovations being put into downtown buildings by investors from outside of Jackson, downtown officials say that points towards the potential there.

“Downtown living is something that happens in a lot of cities it has not really taken off in Jackson until now, and so I think that’s what you’re seeing,” Greer said. “Other people from out of town who are looking at Jackson and saying, ‘Man that place is about to pop.'”

The project at the Baltimore Building is expected to be finished next November after the renovations are complete.

Meanwhile, “Fleet Street” is expected to be open sometime in January of 2016.

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