Tennessee Education Lottery Educator of the Week: Erica Myers

MARTIN, Tenn. — Erica Myers’ 3rd grade class is full of activities that keep her students moving, reading and even singing all day long.

Max Kilburn, one of her students, said, “she’s fun, she’s nice, and she makes me look forward to coming to school everyday.”

Screen Shot 2016-05-11 at 1.10.16 PMAnother student, Addison Galey said, “she’s the best teacher I’ve ever had.”

“She does games to make learning fun,” said Kilburn.

Myers said to be a good educator you have to be able to relate to your students.

“I definitely think a good educator needs to relate well to children, just be able to understand kids and how they learn and what they need, what their needs are,” said Myers.

Galey explains that she loves how encouraging Myers is to her and her classmates. “When ever I finish my division with her, she was just so happy and I was just so happy she was so supportful.”

Myers said, “I try to always give reinforcement and tell them good job and write nice notes to them.”

Myers knew she wanted to teach since she was young and says she started teaching in church when she was a teenager. “I would teach bible school and realized that I really enjoyed teaching children and watching them learn so I just pursued it as my career.”

She also said she cherishes the moments when her students are expressing how much they enjoy learning.

“Sometime I think originally ‘wow, this is going to be really hard, how do I do this?’ and they end up saying ‘this is fun, I love fractions'”

Myers will now be eligible for the state-wide Tennessee Education Lottery Educator of the month award. Starting in June to vote for her or any of the other nominees go to: seehowitaddsup.com

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