Experts share tips to save cash while staying cool

JACKSON, Tenn. — When temperatures climb, so can your utility bill. However, heating and cooling experts say you can save money by doing several simple

Cody Thomas works for Tim Ferguson Plumbing, Air & Electric Inc. He says you can save money on your utility bill this summer by keeping doors and windows shut as well as checking their seals to make sure air is not getting through.

Thomas said to keep filters changed inside the house. “If you keep a dirty house, I’d say you want to change probably once a month,” he said. “If you keep a clean house, you can take those paper filters and change them by the quarter.”

Bruce Dorris with Jackson Energy Authority suggests setting your thermostat at 78 degrees. “Every degree below that, you’re adding about five percent or six percent to your utility bill,” he said.

Thomas recommends having your unit checked at least once a year. “Give it a good bath,” he said. “Get the coils cleaned.”

Thomas said units typically last 10 to 15 years.

Utility savings vary depending on the house. “It could be pennies on the year,” Thomas said. “It could be hundreds on the year.”

JEA said savings can jump to 30 percent in extreme weather.

Dorris said to make sure your water heater is set at 120 degrees. If it is warm when you touch it, you are losing heat. Dorris said putting a blanket on the water heater can save you money.

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