Handbell concert rings for the first time at local church

JACKSON, Tenn. — The Cast of Bronze held their first concert at first Presbyterian church of Jackson Sunday night on their 14th annual tour, “The Stars Await.”

Screen Shot 2016-06-12 at 8.53.46 PMWith 16 players and more than 300 bells, the must rang loud through the white halls of the church.

The Cast of bronze is a community handbell ensemble based out of Dallas, Texas.

Their goal is to teach the audience about handbells while hosting a semi-formal concert.

“We have a lot of equipment we have the biggest handbells ever manufactured, and we have the smallest handbells ever manufactured, we have over 300 bells that we play, and we are a community group, we are not from a church we are from a whole bunch of churches from the community coming together to ring bells in churches,” Director Christopher Nabors said.

Selections included Jazz music, classical, hymns, even circus music during the performance, and after the concert they allowed the audience to come out and get hands on with some of the bells.

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