Jackson-Madison Co. EMA offer safety class

MADISON CO., Tenn. — Crime can happen anywhere, anytime, and local authorities are working to make sure you are not the next victim.

Screen Shot 2016-07-21 at 9.23.23 PMThe Jackson-Madison County EMA office offered a four-hour seminar Thursday night, teaching different ways to protect yourself in everyday situations.

“Refuse to be a Victim” is a class created by the NRA full of tips to keep you and your family safe.

“It’s an awareness course that people need about when they are outside their homes or even when they are locked in their home and think they are safe,” Jackson-Madison Co. EMA Director Marty Clements said.

One of the topics covered in the class is crime preventive strategies, some as simple as using a flashlight to disorient someone you feel may be attacking you.

“Walk out with your keys in your hands ready to go, park in an area where if something doesn’t seem right then don’t, same thing, look in your car before you go and get in it,” Clements said.

Officials say to lock your doors at all times, even if you think you live in a safe neighborhood. You can also keep a written record of all your valuables, with serial numbers and their value in case your home is broken in to.

“We talk about what you need to do at your house, you know how you need to change or put prickly bushes near your windows, or cut them down where people can’t be hiding behind it,” Clements said.

Those taking the class said this time is in an investment in their safety.

“I work at night and I’m out late at night and I just feel like I need to be prepared,” first time attendee Regetta Nelson said.

“We are old and we travel a lot, and you know we are going to a hotel with an out of state license plate, you know we could be a victim very easily,” Jerry and Lee Owens said. They said they were taking the course to make sure they were doing what they could to protect themselves on and off the road.

Another focus in Thursday night’s class was to be involved in a ‘Neighborhood Watch’. If your community does not have one, you can contact your local sheriff or police department for help.

Officials said if you would like to participate in a class like this you can contact the Jackson-Madison County EMA office to find a time to take the course.

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