Superintendent addresses JMCSS teachers with opening remarks on new year

JACKSON, Tenn. — Faculty and staff officially began their school year in Jackson-Madison County Schools Wednesday morning.

DR RUFFIN INSERVICEIt started with a live-streaming address from Superintendent Dr. Verna Ruffin giving remarks about Vision 2020 and the upcoming school year.

“For the pain that you had to go through to get us to where we are today, you will see evidence of that this year and moving forward,” Dr. Ruffin said to a crowd of teachers at Liberty Tech High School.

Twenty-three schools will be open for students after five closed in May. Over the summer, repairs have been made to operating buildings, and supplies have been shifted to new locations.

“It has literally been a nonstop summer for so many people, from our campus principals to all of the teachers that were technically off contract that came back to make sure things were in the right places for them,” Ruffin said.

“This summer has been one that has not been normal,” said Dave Bratcher with the Jackson-Madison County School Board. “There have been lots of things moving. If you haven’t moved, you knew somebody that moved.”

Ruffin said her goal in the message was to encourage teachers.

“We’re going to have a lot of students change schools, and so we want to make sure everybody understands the influence that they have by welcoming people in a personal way when they enter that building,” Ruffin said.

This year’s opening message was live-streamed from Liberty Tech to all faculty and staff in the district. Ruffin said that’s because they wanted to save money for a banquet in the spring to honor teachers.

JMCSS will open doors to all students Monday, Aug. 1, for a half day. Officials say all 23 schools are nearly complete and will be ready for students.

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