Local church raises money to help “Protect Our Protectors”

JACKSON, Tenn. — A local church makes a double donation to give Madison county Deputies a safety boost.

Sunday morning Victory Worship Center Pastor J.P. Stovall’s message was titled “Everybody needs a Superhero.” The congregation had a special surprise for a few superheroes, right here in Madison County.

Screen Shot 2016-08-07 at 5.35.19 PM“To purchase some extra protective vest or our officers that are often in very dangerous environments,” Victory Worship Center Pastor J.P. Stovall said.

With bullet proof vests costing almost $500 each, through the “Protecting our Protectors” initiative the church was able to purchase two protective vest. One went to Deputy T.J.  Stewart, who’s a member of the church.

“It’s overwhelming that the community supports us, and is doing this to buy us extra gear when our county budget doesn’t allow it,” Madison Co. Sheriff’s Deputy T.J.  Stewart said.

T.J’s father helped organize the surprise to benefit the sheriffs department.

“It was hard keeping the surprise from him but to see the look on his face, it was amazing, just like Christmas all over for him again,” T.J’s father Tony Stewart said. Screen Shot 2016-08-07 at 5.39.06 PM

Members of Victory Worship Center hope more churches follow their lead, getting involved by purchasing more vest for the sheriffs department.

“Raise money to get these vest for these guys,” Tony Stewart said. “It’s less money that the taxpayers have to give so that’s always a plus right there.”

“We have a budget, but we can’t buy everything that’s needed,” Madison Co. Sheriff John Mehr said. “They came up with this idea, and it’s a marvelous idea.”

Pastor Stovall also gave the men specialized law enforcement bibles, “the fact of the matter is these men and women are heroes,” Stovall said.

If your church may be interested in starting a “Protecting our protectors” campaign of their own t he coordinators at Victory Worship Center said they  are willing to help.  There number is  (731) 426-2783.

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