Officials: Woman shot by deputies pointed BB gun

LAKELAND, Tenn.-Authorities say two sheriff’s deputies fatally shot a woman who pointed what turned out to be a BB gun at them in a residential neighborhood in western Tennessee.

Tennessee Bureau of Investigation spokesman Josh DeVine said 59-year-old Nancy Jane Lewellyn died Friday after being shot by Shelby County Sheriff’s Office deputies in a subdivision in Lakeland, just east of Memphis.

DeVine says Lewellyn had called 911 Friday, making disturbing statements and threatening violence toward anyone who came to her house.

DeVine says three deputies responded, and Lewellyn exited her house when they arrived. He says she took out what appeared to be a real handgun and pointed it at the deputies. Two of them opened fire, killing her.

Devine says it was determined after the shooting that Lewellyn was holding a BB gun. He says the BB gun looked “an awful lot” like a real gun and “it was presumably very easy for these deputies to think that this was a more dangerous situation than a BB gun.”