Local man helps students get back on track, one haircut at a time

JACKSON, Tenn. — For 27-year-old Deshun Womack, it was an easy decision to volunteer his time at the Best Academy in the Parkview Learning Center.

He got the idea to give out free haircuts to students by Tremon Cockrell, a close friend and an educator at the school.

“When he got to the shop, I kind of thought about it,” Womack said. “Something kind of brushed me. I got home later that night, I was like ‘Dude, I’ll come do it for free!'”

Cockrell was even willing to pay to get the haircuts for the kids himself, because he knows how some may not have the money to pay for one.

“Just seeing their faces after they got a haircut, seeing those smiles, handing them the mirror — it was amazing,” Cockrell said.

Dr. Renette Coleman, the academic coordinator for the Best Academy, says this type of interaction for the children allows them to have someone they can look up to.

“So for Shun to come in and just spend this time with us, we appreciate him,” Coleman said.

Womack comes in at least once a week. He says he likes to make the kids feel comfortable whenever he interacts with them.

“When they come in here, I joke with them about ‘I’ll cut you bald boy, you be bad,” Womack said. “They be like ‘Nah, Mr. Shun, nah.'”

Even something as simple as a haircut can create strong bonds. Cockrell hopes that people take the time to volunteer like Womack and become mentors to prevent them from making wrong decisions in their lives.

“I feel like something that the kids need and I can interact with the kids,” Womack said. “And we can try to get the kids mind on track instead of them having out here doing crazy things.”

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