Two churches spread unity through combined church service

JACKSON, Tenn. — With 18 school shootings across the country so far, some may say 2018 is off to a rocky start.

Two local church congregations are hoping to stop the violence with the power of unity.

Lambuth Memorial Methodist and Whitestone Missionary Baptist neighbor each other on Campbell Street in Jackson.

But Sunday, members shared the same church walls. The two congregations came together for a combined service at Lambuth Memorial.

“We celebrate what we have in common and our diversity, and we’re glad to be able to do that,” Pastor Gary Morse said.

By opening his place of worship, Morse hopes it will show the two denominations share the same common goals.

“You learn to come to love each other as congregations, and we lift up the name of Jesus Christ as our Lord and savior,” Morse said.

Both pastors say the service shows with disasters going on around the world, coming together in unity is more important than ever.

Whitestone Missionary Pastor John Washington says the two churches already pray together each Sunday before their services, so combining their worship was the next step.

“This brings us together and lets us know that God is the one that has made one race of people,” Washington said.

Race and cultural differences aside, both pastors hope to share the impact of standing together.

“With the shootings in schools and the other divisions that are in our country it was important for us,” Morse said. “And this community is an example of what the level of Christ is about.”

This is the second combined worship service for the two churches.

Both pastors say they chose to hold the service in February to also honor Black History Month.

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