Report lists Jackson among top 40 safest cities in Tennessee

JACKSON, Tenn. — According to new report from, a few local cities are identified as the safest cities in Tennessee. If you live in Jackson, you are a resident of one of the top 40 safest cities in the state.

The most recent FBI Uniform Crime Report Data and Internal Research was reviewed when determining the new 2018 rankings.

The report ranked cities based on the number of reported violent crimes and property crimes per 1,000 individuals. There are almost 67,000 residents in Jackson, and the report reveals roughly 9.3 violent crimes per 1,000 residents.

City Councilman Johnny Dodd and Jackson Mayor Jerry Gist share their thoughts on how Jackson is ranked among the top 40.

“I want to give credit to the people in our community working together with our police department and bringing it all together while building relationships within the community,” Dodd said.

“We are pleased with that number, but it is a work in progress every day,” Mayor Gist said. “I remember when things weren’t as good for this city, and we have been able to improve over the years.”

Both men credit the efforts of the police department and the increased communication within the community over recent years.

“We have a great police department and a great chief,” Mayor Gist said. “They work every day diligently, and they are out on the streets and in the neighborhoods every day. Our people are beginning to talk to each other and talk to us about things that are happening in their neighborhood.”

Dodd says he is pleased, but the work doesn’t end there. He says the community needs to continue to work together and to speak out against crime. He also stressed that building relationships within the police department is extremely important.

“Is there room for improvement? Yes. You cannot put it on elected officials or on the city government or even just the people,” Dodd said. “It is a collaborative effort, and we have to work together to lead to a future of having a better community.”

“We need to stay vigilant in what we are doing and stay connected to our people,” Mayor Gist said.

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