Academic Decathlon team gears up to compete across the country

JACKSON, Tenn. — Meet the Madison Academic 2018 Academic Decathlon team. They have dominated regional and statewide competitions, and now they are getting ready to take their talents to the national stage in Dallas.

In order to win, they know it requires hard work.

“Every day we come into class and usually we take three quizzes over a different subject,” senior member Wells Johnstone said.

For years, the team dominated the competition. As they gear up for April, they know teamwork makes the dream work.

“It’s up to everyone on the team to pull their weight to help bring home the trophy,” Johnstone said.

That ranges from hitting the books to hitting the right notes.

“It’s a very personal connection because it’s you emitting your voice,” choir member Riley Hooper said.

Four choirs at the school are getting ready for a regional music festival next week where they will be judged on two songs.

“Everyone here is the all-state group. We are going to be traveling to Nashville in April, and we were all selected for honor choir,” Hooper said.

It’s a top honor for these select students to perform with musicians from across the state.

“We’ve worked really hard, and we are here to show out but not show off,” Hooper said.

Other team members aren’t raising their voices but are blowing the horn as they get ready to head to Nashville for the all-state band competition.

“I want people to know that through hard work you can make great music, and when we all come together we sound like a whole instrument,” band student Jessee Veltman said.

The students are putting on their game faces to take the school to new levels.

If you want to donate to the decathlon team, organizers say you can write a check and send it to the school.

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