What’s New Wednesday: GoaTess by T Goat Yoga

We’ve all heard of yoga, but this new type of yoga involves goats.

“It is the way to do yoga without being serious. It’s just fun and silly,” Telena Reasons, one of the creators of “GoaTess by T” Yoga, said.

Reasons says the yoga program, based in Jackson, is better than traditional yoga.

“It’s a great way to have therapy. How can you be sad when there’s goats around?” Reasons said.

Participants do yoga poses while goats walk around and even jump on your back.

“I love it. I’m a big animal person and know that animals do wonderful things for your health.  It’s a lot of laughing, as well as doing some yoga,” said Donna-Jean Walker, a goat yoga participant.

Anyone 17-years-old and up can join the goat yoga classes that take place at at Reasons’ mini-urban farm in South Jackson for $25 per person. Participants can also try goat yoga at Jackson Sport and Fitness on Vann Drive in Jackson and Diamon E Farm in Luray.

“Everyone leaves just with a happy feeling, like a kid again,” said Reasons.

The goats seem to enjoy it too! For more information, go to the GoaTess by T Facebook page or email telenareasons@icloud.com

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