The Generals want more fans at home games

JACKSON, Tenn. — On the Fourth of July, the Jackson Generals drew a crowd of more than 4,000 fans. It was one of their best nights so far this season as far as attendance. But that number was much higher than the usual night at the ballpark. Often times you can see an abundance of empty seats and you can almost hear a pen drop.

Manager Shelley Duncan said his group plays better when fans are in the stands, it gives the players a boost of adrenaline.

“You know we got a team that can go out there and win ball games and we’re fun to watch, we play hard, we do things right and we’re going to bring an entertaining night to a family so we want more fans out there,” Duncan said.

To help boost attendance, the Generals are doing several different types of promotion, their latest one being “Belly Buster Monday” where fans pay either $16 or $20 for a ticket and get unlimited hamburgers, hot dogs, ice cream and Pepsi¬†products.

The first “Belly Buster Monday” will take place July 16 against the Mobile Bay Bears.

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