Bikers ride to stop local violence

JACKSON, Tenn. — Dyersburg residents came together at Bruce Community Center to stop local violence.

Community leaders also made an appearance to show their support, and take a stand against senseless crimes.

“I’m glad to see today this group that showed up out here through the community,” says Dyer County Sheriff Jeff Box. “People that care about their community. People that care about stopping violence in their community.”

Dyersburg’s Mayor John Holden presented a proclamation in honor of the stop the violence movement.
Family members also spoke about their murdered and missing loved ones. They left a special message to those who commit violent acts.

“You might hurt them at the moment, but their gone,” says Femeka Herbert. “The people that’s left behind is the one’s that has the hurt and deals with it for the rest of their lives.”

Several motorcycle groups joined together for a united ride led by the sheriff who says, “we’re stronger together but apart we fall.”