Tennessee city tries to stop some abortions with zoning law

MT. JULIET, Tenn. (AP) — Officials of Mt. Juliet, Tennessee, say they’ve amended the city’s current zoning laws to block a new health clinic from performing surgical abortions.

News outlets report the city unanimously passed an ordinance Sunday requiring clinics that perform surgical abortions to be located in industrial zoning districts. Carafem Health Clinic opened Friday in a commercial area and doesn’t offer surgical abortions, though it says it plans to offer them later. It currently offers other abortion services to women up to 10 weeks pregnant.

Mayor Ed Hagerty and city commissioners said last week that they’d “take any action possible within the law” to at least stop the clinic from performing surgical abortions. Additionally, they say Carafem hasn’t filed city inspection or occupancy paperwork. News outlets are awaiting Carafem’s response to that claim.

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