Governor Bill Lee visits flood damage in West Tennessee

HARDIN CO., Tenn. — “[I’m] proud of the way we’ve come together, heartbreaking to see it, but hopeful about where it is headed,” said Governor Bill Lee.

Friday afternoon Governor Bill Lee visited Savannah, where he was briefed by the Tennessee Emergency Management Agency on the current state of flooding by the Tennessee river in the area.

“The reality is that the water was much higher than this during the peak,” said Governor Lee. “One of the reasons we are out here right now is because only when the water begins to recede can you actually see the extent of the damages.”

So far 83 counties across the state have reported some type of weather-related damages. This comes after record-breaking rainfall seen across the state of Tennessee just last month.

“All across the communities, people are coming together. I’m so proud of Tennesseans for what they’re doing to help their neighbors out, and we want to do all we can as well,” said Governor Lee.

Thursday night, the Governor signed an executive order to enable more flood recovery efforts.

“The executive order that I signed will make that process go faster, so that if there are federal funds available, then we’ll get them quicker, and that’s the hope,” said Governor Lee.

Governor Lee says until federal help comes, he will be working locally to help those affected by the floods.

“We’re working with local officials to help expedite the process, and we’ll stay on this until we get it done,” Governor Lee said.

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