College planner warns parents and students about college admission scandals

JACKSON, Tenn. –Earlier this week, an alleged college admission bribery scandal swept the nation.

A local college planner is now sharing information about what parents should look out for to avoid finding themselves in a similar situation.

“I know it’s disheartening for my students to know that people are getting paid thousands of dollars to go take the ACT for them, when my students are coming here every week, month after month preparing for the test,” said college planner Dr. Nina Heckler.

She shares a job similar to William Singer, the man at the center of the alleged college admission bribery scandal. He, along with several coaches, celebrities and others are accused of fraud to get prospective students admitted into some of the nation’s top colleges and universities.

“If there is any time where someone says I can get you an inside track, or if you pay me money independently, or if you give me more money then I can help you better, anything like that is definitely going to be a red flag,” said Dr. Heckler.

She says any ethical practicing college planner would be a member of the ‘Independent Education Consultant Association’ or the ‘National Admissions Counselors Association.’

“You want to find someone that is a part of one of these professional organizations, the IECA or NACA, to make sure that they are being trained regularly on ethical behavior within the business,” said Dr. Heckler.

She says a scandal like this has an affect on all students, especially high school juniors, going through the college application process.

“I have several students that are applying to some of these colleges, and we figured out these are good fits for them, not just because they are prestigious schools but because of the major that they offer and the feeling that some of my students have gotten from being at some of those campuses,” said Dr. Heckler.

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