Memphis police officers disciplined after man’s body left in impounded car

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (AP) – Eight Memphis police officers and an attendant are facing punishment after they failed to see that a vehicle brought to a police impound lot in 2017 contained a victim’s body for almost two months.

According to local news reports, Memphis Police Director Michael Rallings said Friday that lot attendant John Powell was fired and Sgt. Lee Allison was demoted to patrol officer in the incident that left 33-year-old Mexican immigrant Bardomiano Perez Hernandez’s body inside a van at the impound lot. Others faced suspensions and lesser punishments.

Authorities didn’t notice Hernandez’s body in the van after answering an attempted robbery call in December 2017. The victim’s body remained behind the front seat of the van until February when the vehicle’s owner went to the impound lot to reclaim his van.

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