$750 million lottery entices West Tennesseans

JACKSON, Tenn. — “I feel like it’s a waste of money,” Darrion Trice said.

“I actually got three tickets, and I’m going to get more before the time is up,” James Small said.

$750,000,000 is Wednesday’s estimated Powerball jackpot.

With this amount one would think tickets would be selling like crazy but in West Tennessee the lines are pretty small.

“Most people I talk to say it’s like a gimmick, you know what I’m saying, and when you win the money, they tax the money so much, you’re not getting all of what you were supposed to win,” Trice said.

Darrion Trice said he refuses to play the lottery, because the odds of losing are too big.

“Just like the casino, it’s a gimmick,” Trice said.

James Small, who has purchased more than one ticket, said just the opposite.

“Because you get a better chance of winning when you play, and when you go about your day and numbers just come to you, start playing them,” Small said.

Both said if they had the chance to win the money, they know exactly what they would do with it.

“I would buy a whole bunch of property and start selling and renting houses, and just go crazy and start selling and renting houses,” Trice said.

“Well, actually I want to open up a homeless shelter with a three-step program to help them get on their feet and get a job and manage money,” Small said.

Wednesday night’s Powerball winning numbers drawn were:

16-20-37-44-62,  Powerball 12 and the Power Play 3.



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