Trenton prepares to host pageant, awards banquet Saturday

TRENTON, Tenn. — For West Tennesseans looking for something to do this weekend, Trenton will be abuzz with events Saturday.

The 39th annual Trenton Teapot Festival doesn’t officially kick off until April 28, but one group is getting ready to represent their town.

The Trenton Teapot Festival Pageant starts Saturday morning at Peabody High School.

“We will start the pageant at 8:30. Doors will open at 8 so the girls can come and get ready. The 0 to 12 months will start at 8:30 and continue on to 11:30 with the 16 to 21 age group,” said Teresa Lowery, pageant director for the Trenton Teapot Festival.

To participate, you have to register the day of the pageant. The entry fee for ages 16 to 21 is $25, and all others are $20.

“Then, we will turn and have a territorial pageant. The Trenton Teapot pageant is for Trenton residents only, and then our territorial pageant starts with age group 6 to 9 going up to 16 to 21, and it will be for anyone anywhere who wants to come participate,” Lowery said.

The pageants qualify for the West Tennessee Strawberry Festival.

Once viewers are done watching the pageant, they can head across the street for the West Tennessee Men on a Mission’s awards banquet at Trenton Rosenwald Middle School.

“The awards banquet will consist of the organization showing their appreciation back to the community,” said Gus Davidson II, CEO of Men on a Mission.

Several awards will go out to community members.

“The awards that we’re giving Saturday night are basically the people that helped us build our foundation,” Davidson said.

Even a few students will get a citizenship award.

“At least 33 kids, we might have more, but we have at least 33 kids who are getting awards,” Davidson said.

The banquet is free to the public and starts at 7 p.m.

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